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Vikash Institute, Motihari

Vikash Institute is one of the oldest and best CBSE coaching institute in Raghunathpur, Motihari for Std 5th to 10th for Math, Science, SST and English. The institute was founded in 2007 by Mr. Vikash Kumar.

Vikash Institute provides a stable, caring and supportive family-like environment, where students receive mature guidance through daily interaction with teacher. The Institute is committed to providing quality education to students.

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Syllabus for class 8th (Math + Science)

Mathematics (R.S. Aggarwal)

1. Rational Numbers
2. Exponents
3. Squares and Square Roots
4. Cubes and Cube Roots
5. Playing with Numbers
6. Operations on Algebraic Expressions
7. Factorization
8. Linear Equation
9. Percentage
10. Profit and Loss
11. Compound Interest
12. Direct and Inverse Proportions
13. Time and Work
14. Polygons
15. Quadrilaterals
16. Parallelograms
17. Construction of Quadrilaterals
18. Area of Trapezium and a Polygon
19. Three Dimensional Figures
20. Volume and Surface Area of solids
21. Data Handling
22. Construction and Interpreting Bar Graph
23. Pie Chart


1. Crop Production and Management
2. Microorganism:Friend and Foe
3. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
4. Materials:Metals and Non-Metals
5. Coal and Petroleum
6. Combustion and Flame
7. Conservation of Plants and animals
8. Cell-Structure and Functions
9. Reproduction in Animals
10. Reaching the age of Adolescence
11. Force and Pressure
12. Friction
13. Sound
14. Chemical Effect of Electric Current
15. Some Natural Phenomena
16. Light
17. Stars and the Solar System
18. Pollution of Air and Water