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Vikash Institute, Motihari

Vikash Institute is one of the oldest and best CBSE coaching institute in Raghunathpur, Motihari for Std 5th to 10th for Math, Science, SST and English. The institute was founded in 2007 by Mr. Vikash Kumar.

Vikash Institute provides a stable, caring and supportive family-like environment, where students receive mature guidance through daily interaction with teacher. The Institute is committed to providing quality education to students.

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Syllabus for class 5th (Math + Science)


1. Review
2. Roman Numerals
3. Large Numbers
4. Operations with Large Numbers
5. Multiples and Factors
6. HCF and LCM
7. Fraction
8. More on Fractions
9. Decimals
10. Operations with Decimals
11. Rounding Numbers
12. Percentage
13. Patters
14. Time
15. Measurements
16. Lines, Angles and Shapes
17. Perimeter and Area
18. Solids, Boxes and Volume
19. Data Handling
20. Maths in Real Life


1. Growing Plants
2. Food, Health and Hygiene
3. Safety and First Aid
4. Matter and Its States
5. Rocks and Minerals
6. Animals : Habitat and Adaptation
7. Skeleton System and Nervous System
8. Measurement
9. Force, Energy and Simple Machines
10. Air and Water
11. Earth, Sun and Moon
12. Light and Shadows
13. Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis
14. Our Environment